August Club Race Day Results

With several members heading to Bairnsdale to race, a smaller than usual turnout fronted for the monthly club day races at Morwell. But the up side was a fun, compact race day with lots of laps.


Cadet 12:
1 Brodhi Bright
2 Jett Blumeris

Cadet 9:
1 Tyler McDermott

Junior National Light:
1 Clay Richards
2 Christian Viggiano

Clubman Light:
1 Curt Sera
2 William Jacobson
3 Trevor Correa

Clubman Heavy:
1 Mark Wicks
2 Ryan Aitkin
3 Ross Miller

TaG R Light:
1 Steve Gorman
2 Elly Morrow

TaG R Heavy:
1 Samuel Morrow
2 Frank Schena
3 Ashlly Watt

TaG Heavy:
1 Ross Miller
2 Geoff Wyhoon
3 Grant Wicks

Clubman Masters:
1 Mark Wicks
2 Frank Schena
3 Grant Wicks